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Golf Balls, Pebbles, and Sand

I am always amazed at the little things you can learn through object lessons and movies. A doctor once told me that I'm a stressed individual. I would say, that's about right. I stress about everything and worry about everything. I saw this little object lesson on a video that was circulating through Facebook. I'll summarize:

A professor took out a jar and filled it with golf balls. He turned to his class and asked, "is the jar full?" He received a resounding, "YES!" He then took out some pebbles and poured them into the jar. The pebbles filled in the gaps and cracks left by the larger golf balls. "Now is the jar full?" "YES!" exclaimed his students. Then he took out sand and proceeded to pour it into the jar. The sand filled the even smaller gaps between the pebbles. He turned to the class, "now is the jar full?" "YES!" Finally, he took out two beers and poured them into the jar. The class was amazed that so much stuff fit. "Now the jar is full," stated the professor.

He continues to explain his object lesson. The golf balls are the most important things in our lives (i.e. family, children, health). The pebbles are the other important things in life (i.e. job, house, car, bills), the sand is everything else...the small stuff. He continues to explain how if you put the sand in first, there isn't room for the golf balls. At the end of the lesson, a student asks, "Professor, what was with the beers?" as his classmates laugh. The professor smiled and responded, "it doesn't matter how full your life seems at times, there is always room for a few beers with your friends."

The video ended and I sat back in my chair thinking, "hmmmmmm." That lesson is so applicable in my own life. My life is full. I spend FAR too much time worrying about the sand in my jar. So I'm going to try to worry less about the sand and more about the golf balls and pebbles in my life.

Over the weekend, Suzie encouraged me to go out with some friends and go shooting. Shooting is one of my passions and hobbies. I was able to get to the range with a few friends for a few hours. It was nice to relax, talk guns, be around other adult males, and just enjoy some good range time. I see how important it is to make time for your friends.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein

Some of the things the kids do just frustrate me...but it's all part of their development. I can either encourage positive growth or I can be negative and focus on the terrible. Life is a miracle. Everything that has happened in my life is a miracle. Where I am now, living in Idaho Falls, owning my house, having a secure full-time job, having a loving wife, and three kids is just a miracle. It seems more than I deserve at times. But I've decided to live life as if everything is a miracle rather than nothing. Looking for that silver lining in all things isn't easy, but already this morning, I have felt a difference.


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